One of the biggest issues facing global IT Services and FinTech companies is differentiating their sales messages.

The underlying technology is mostly available to everyone – especially as we move increasingly to the cloud – and they can all claim varying degrees of scale, specialism, localism and experience.

Storm-trooper moonwalking

This leaves pricing as the unwelcome remaining differentiator, ranging from the reassuringly expensive to the enticingly less so. In practice, however, there are always deals to be done on cost.

We see this lack of competitive advantage in the universal adoption of not only the latest industry trends, but also their language. The similar ways that companies talk about Digital Transformation (see the “Digital Transformers” thought piece), like the earlier Enterprise 2.0, tend to reinforce the impression that they are all happy to jump on a bandwagon if it gives them a reason to get their clients to spend more.

This is where your brand should be a guide to your sales message. A strong brand has its own tone of voice, its own language, and its own distinct point of view. By not saying the same things as the crowd, you command attention, at the very least.

However, in far too many cases, companies in IT Services and FinTech have not invested these characteristics in their brands. All too many behave as though just having their own font, colour scheme and logo – usually with a forgettable tagline – means that they have a meaningful and useful brand.

Your brand is what you, as a company, believe in. What you are all focused on, and committed to. Because all companies are different. They just don’t always realise what it is that truly defines them. This is the job of companies like BIG: to help businesses rediscover what makes them different, and express it thorough their brand in the most powerful and compelling way.

In the end, your sales messages can only stand out and be successful if you are saying something different because you believe it and behave like it.

May your brand be with you.


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