Knowledge is power. In competitive markets, insight into market trends, buyers’ needs and competitor marketing activity is an essential component of an effective marketing mix. Messaging without insight is a gamble and one that rarely pays off.

Working with a set of analytical tools, we interrogate what is being said on particular topics, who the thought leaders and influencers are in this space, and where the conversations are happening. As we dive deeper into a topic area, we map particular content types, messages and even information sources to the different decision makers in the buying process, as well as the stage in the buying process they are at.

It’s always wise to know what your competitors are doing. So, we look at their communications, social media engagement and content strategy too. It’s all out there on the web, if you know where to look. After all, we only want to produce content and communications that exceed your competitors’ efforts.

Within just a few hours, it’s possible to identify who the key influencers are for a specific topic area, what they’re sharing, from where and what’s proving most popular with this audience.

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Whilst it’s all well and good creating content that’s going to be hugely popular with your audience, this needs to be carefully blended with the drive to sell. Every touchpoint needs to support the sales message of your brand, driving towards a sales conversation when the time is right. So then we build a content type and messaging plan around an escalation path – from awareness, through the various stages of engagement and evaluation, to sales handover and conversion. The choice of content types and messaging, at each stage, is influenced by the insight we now have into what works best.

As we now know who the authorities and influencers are in the chosen market, we can approach them for co-creation of content or otherwise ensure that they engage and amplify the effectiveness of the content distribution.

In some cases, it’s quite apparent that the market is talking about particular topics – whilst some vendors are ignoring the data and promoting features of little interest to their audience. Insight-driven marketing ensures your messages always resonate with your buyers.

Whether your aim is to generate leads from advertising, email or simply to draw traffic in from relevant search terms (SEO), insight is the essential first step. Get in touch and find out how you can gain a competitive edge through insight.


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