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Asset Management - Take Control

The challenge

CSC, the major IT services and consulting company, wanted to promote their Asset Management service. This brings together new technology and industry experience to make managing large scale and historically uncoordinated assets more reliable and effective.

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The B.I.G approach

We challenged the way CSC talked about themselves and their solutions. Rather than communicating their technical abilities, we shifted the focus to what the benefits are for their clients at the managerial level.

We bring certainty.
You take control.

To make this message stand out to CSC’s C-Suite clients, we created an invitational event with Sir Clive Woodward to talk about the business parallels between managing assets at the highest level – on the rugby pitch, and in business.

The impact

By engaging top-level clients in this way, CSC is now seen more as a business partner than a service provider – leading to higher-value sales and greater opportunities for further business.

“If you’re serious about being the best, you have to have a different mindset.”

Clive Woodward

“B.I.G help us win.”

Vice President, CSC


increase in customer engagement


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