How we work with you

Not only is our sales-focused approach to brand communications different – the way we work with you is different, too.

How we work with you

Because we’re not a traditional agency, we can work with you in a more collaborative way.
With our B2B and industry experience, we can talk to you at a higher level – about how your brand communications can help with your sales issues, internal communications, bid processes and even management issues. Because everything your company says or does is a sales message.

Unlike many agencies you may have dealt with, there’s no conflict here between creativity and business. Rather than looking at creativity as something that is bolted on at the end of the process (to rescue a generic message), we work with you from the initial briefing stage to make sure that what you’re communicating is distinctive, memorable and compelling.

The Drum

And since business situations develop quickly, we work fast. We have the flexibility and speed of a relatively small core team with the breadth of all our associate specialists that we can call upon on a project-by-project basis.

So you’re always dealing with people who know what they (and you) are talking about, and can get things done.


Finally, we have the reassurance of our unique B.I.G Board – a group of C-Suite level industry leaders from the fields of advertising, HR, IT, finance and procurement. So we can confidentially test your messaging and propositions from your buyer’s perspective, before you commit to going to market.

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